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Unwind (Unwind Trilogy, #1) - Neal Shusterman Yep, I’m five whole years late on reading UNWIND by Neal Shusterman, especially now that sequels have been announced and a movie and who knows what else. After a suggestion from the darling girls on a certain website I frequent, I decided to finally pull this one up on my Kindle and read it. Surprise, surprise. These girls know me better than I know me.UNWIND takes place in a dystopian near future after the second civil war, fought over reproductive rights. Abortion is outlawed, but when kids are between the ages of 13 and 18, parents can choose to have their children “unwound”, meaning they are sectioned off – legs, organs, fingers, brain parts – and their parts used in transplants. For Connor, Risa, and Lev, three teens slated for Unwinding, fate has brought them together as they run from the law and the fates that are sure to meet them if they get caught.I’ll admit it – I really did have some problems with this world. It’s a rather interesting idea but silly at the same time. I just didn’t fully believe in what I was reading, that it was plausible… And the writing, being third person present tense, was sometimes hard to get into. BUT--I loved this book. It’s my second book in a row that has blown me out of the water. It’s a seat-of-your-pants, biting-your-nails type of book from beginning to end. As you meet these characters and understand their plight and their world. The characters are strongly constructed and multi-dimensional. They’re believable, and in YA, that’s sometimes a hard thing to find. You’ll have teenagers who act like their 80 (or really are sometimes 80 in the body of a 16 year old) or teenagers who are stereotypes of what 40 year olds think that 16 year olds are like. But Connor, Risa, and Lev were strong in their own ways, dealing with their own unique issues, and brought together by circumstances that they had to fight through and conquer.If you are a fan of action and adventure, this is a book for you. It has chases, fights, depictions of the good in man and the bad, and even a little romance if you are so inclined. The political climate depicted is a tried and true dystopia – conservatives who have outlawed abortion but are down with getting rid of unwanted kids in other ways. Humankind has changed between the people we know, but barely – these people see wards of the state and unwanted babies and the likes as a nuisance, not as a gift. Babies are “storked” and left on doorsteps by desperate parents, cops who have the job of bringing in kids who want to live, etc.This book is one that will make you think about life, about death, about teenage delinquents and abandoned children and the human condition. It took me a few years to get around to this one, but when I finally grabbed it from my to be read pile, I could barely put it down. It’s a great book that I cannot recommend enough, based solely on how it resonated with me. VERDICT: While not the best written book, UNWIND is a book that will strike you hard and make you think. A definite must read.