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Playing with Fire (Entangled Ever After) - Tamara Morgan Novellas have never been on my radar. I fancy myself a hardcore novels only reader who stays away from short stories, novellas, flash fiction, and so forth. I don’t quite know why. It’s kind of silly. But when I heard about PLAYING WITH FIRE, I immediately decided I had to have it. I didn’t know why, nor did I care. I loaded it onto my Kindle, settled myself in my favorite chair, and stormed through it in a little more than an hour.PLAYING WITH FIRE definitely had an intriguing plot. Following Fiona, a girl “cursed” if you would with the silly idea to inject herself with a drug that made her a dangerous pyrokinetic, and Ian, a scientist and one of the boys who tormented her as a teenager, it easily falls into Entangled’s new line of superhero novellas. Ian has been hunting the Fireball for years, and when he finds Fiona, he knows he’s found the woman responsible for bank robberies, murders, and arsons across town. Or has he?What I really enjoyed about this novella was Fiona. Although she had a past as the easy girl in school, leading to a rather vulgar nickname, she has tried to reform herself. Or that might have just been the fact that she’s burned anyone who ever tried to have sex with her since that fateful day. She is a great heroine – equal parts sassy and street smart. I could totally sympathize with her fears and frustrations. I mean, I’m not a pyrokinetic of course, but being wary of men and their intentions? I totally understand that.The world itself was pretty well thought out for being a simple novella, but I would have liked to know more about the drugs, the control of these newly empowered, the mechanics of how they work, etc. I enjoyed the brief forays into explanations. Maybe if the story had been full-length we could have learned more about this world with so much potential, but being a novella, we only had a hint. Likewise, the emotional connection between Fiona and Ian seemed too sudden, especially with a certain revelation that brought them together. It seemed more of a relationship of need versus desire. Fiona wanted sex. Ian gave her sex. This could have been more fleshed out in my opinion, creating a stronger story since it was a romance.But the ending was what made the story for me. With the average level of writing, the conclusion wrenched up the tension and hooked me. By far the climax was my favorite part, complete with kidnappings, villains, freezing time, and cover ups. I would read more of Tamara Morgan’s stories just because of this climax. It had the tension I love.There are pros and cons to this book. It could have used more romance, but at the expense of the world building and action? To be honest, I preferred what we had at the end of the day. This story is short and easy to read. But I would have preferred this one as a novel. There was so much going on with the world building and the relationships for only 81 pages.VERDICT: More action than romance, PLAYING WITH FIRE isn’t your average superhero story, but with a tense conclusion that left me on the edge of my seat, it’s worth an hour of your time.