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Richelle Mead's The Dark Swan: Storm Born - Richelle Mead, Grant Alter, Dave Haman, Adam Markiewicz So it isn’t every day that I do reviews of comic books or graphic novels. Okay, fine, the only one I ever did was Watchmen and that was a long time ago. When Sea Lion Books contacted me and asked me to do a review of the first two parts of the STORM BORN by Richelle Mead graphic novel (Volume One is coming out September 20th), I had a moment of hesitation before I signed up. PS, these two parts are now available at comic book stores as issues 1 and 2, so you don’t have to wait around for the compilation book to come out!I haven’t read STORM BORN yet, but I probably should have – it’s on my TBR list. That isn’t an issue for those new to the graphic novels. STORM BORN is about Eugenie Markham, who is a shaman taking on the critters of the Otherworld – djinns, kereses, so on and so forth. There is action, suspense, and lighter moments along the road (sexy times anyone?). In issue 1 we’re introduced to her life and her job while in issue 2 we get deeper into the action setting up the conflict.Just reading this introduction to the series makes me want to read more of these graphic novels and the series itself. I can only assume for people who HAVE read the Dark Swan series in book format it will be equally as satisfying and interesting, having a graphic take on what they’ve already read. One problem I had with the graphic version was an overload of back story in almost every cell while Eugenie recounts her life, her training, and things that seem directly copied and pasted from the book a bit heavy-handedly.Overall, I loved this introduction to the series and can’t wait to pick up STORM BORN the novel and the rest of the issues of the comics or the graphic novel when the compilation comes out.♥♥♥♥/5VERDICT: For fans of the books or newcomers alike, STORM BORN the comic series is great fun.