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Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang - Chelsea Handler I'm actually surprised that I gave this a 3 instead of a 4, but looking back having finished it a week ago, I stand by my decision. Compared to 'Are You There, Vodka?' it isn't as strong and for the most parts the stories aren't as funny. It doesn't help that I horribly dislike Chelsea Handler as a comedian if I watch her on TV. This book made me think about that more and more.But yeah, there were funny stories, but there were also weak ones. At times, Chelsea also just comes off as a massive pain in the lower regions to her poor boyfriend. The tricks she played on him were just cruel at times. And yes, they were somewhat funny to read. As funny as I would have liked? No, not particularly. I was left craving for something more, and the book really isn't that long to begin with.'Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang' leaves something to be desired, like a few less unfunny stories replaced with ones that actually make me laugh. I found myself skipping lines in parts of the book, wanting to find something I actually liked.3/5 stars.