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Kitty Steals the Show - Carrie Vaughn This review appears at BOOK BRATS!KITTY STEALS THE SHOW was like an unknown horse in the Kentucky Derby. It came to me by surprise that maybe this book should be on the radar, thanks to an intrepid publicist who correctly predicted the future (and should receive a bevy of medals for doing the unthinkable and seeing that I would really enjoy this one). I had never read a book in this ten book series before, nor did I know anything about it other than werewolves! A friend guided me through the history of this series, but I still really don’t know what happened. According to her, this might have been a good thing – I came into KITTY STEALS THE SHOW with no expectations, notions, or anything besides the barest hints of the storyline and characters.Maybe it helped that book did not take place in Denver. Lost in the city of London, a city I know much better than Denver, the story of this book was able to take center stage. And what can I say? I can’t resist a good tale about the paranormal, wars of werewolves and vampires, the Folk, and every known paranormal critter gathering at a conference to talk about themselves with curious humans. I want to go to a conference like this, and although the story is not going to be a prose-fest of epic literary proportions, Vaughn is able to easily convey herself, setting the scene and allowing the reader to fall in.The characters were enjoyable for the most part, with a few reservations. I didn’t like Cormac, probably because I still have no clue what he is, who he is, or what he is in relation to Kitty. He seemed like a tacked on character that wasn’t needed, and in fact his storyline just took away from the story rather than added to it. Hunting down Amelia’s descendants was more like a short story you would see put on Amazon as a promotional tool versus an actual needed aspect of the book. But I would like to know more, I will say that.And maybe I expected some more romance. Apparently Ben and Kitty got married awhile ago, meaning the opportunities for sexytimes were about as limited as they could get (lots of gentle touches in public, but lots of sleeping in the bed without the adult fun). Maybe I just didn’t feel a spark between these two, or chemistry. I wanted more in the relationship and I felt a little let down.But do you want to know what I REALLY enjoyed? The intrigue and mystery surrounding this Dux Bellorum fellow, who I admitted had to google because I didn’t know what any of the characters were talking about. Dux Bellorum kind of sounded like some Deluxe Bell o’ Rum that you might by at the liquor store that would kill you within five swigs.Kitty was the strong willed heroine of my dreams. I enjoyed her self-esteem, her honesty, her determination to save the world and kill herself in the process of that was what it meant, because quite frankly she did some stupid things while her husband rightfully tried to stop her. Listen, ladies – you don’t have to run into the fray recklessly just because it might save the world. There are better ways if the operative word in the situation is MIGHT. Kitty’s recklessness, though, was amusing, and I wanted to know who was on what side right up until the climax that had me flipping pages like a madwoman.My advice? Read the series before you get to KITTY STEALS THE SHOW. I really wish I had at least known more specifics about what had happened in books 1 through 9 before I dove into this one. I really enjoyed it for not having a clue about what happened in books 1 through 9, but if you know about this world and these characters, you might enjoy it more. But Carrie Vaughn has a new fan in me!VERDICT: If you haven’t read books 1 through 9, skip it, but otherwise an enjoyable feast of the paranormal complete with a kickass heroine who knows how to use her words in addition to her claws.