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Everyone Worth Knowing - Lauren Weisberger I made the mistake of making this one of the five books I took with me for my four month trip to Japan in 2008, where a paperback book in English cost $20. After finally being forced to read this or reread something I had just read, I finally read this. While it was slightly entertaining, it was mostly snotty, tedious, and seemingly written by a twelve year old girl who wants to one day be like Paris Hilton. It's stuck on my brain to this day because it's such a marked difference from the enjoyable Devil Wears Prada. I hated the characters and by the end was rooting for someone to smack them. Read this if you like chick lit with annoying characters, but otherwise steer clear.Also, I left this in Japan as English practice for one of my friends. It was written in a level where even an intermediate student of English could easily understand it.