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Bad Taste in Boys - Carrie Harris BAD TASTE IN BOYS by Carrie Harris is a short, fun little book for those who like their zombies with a dose of comedy and fun (and maybe just a bit of horror). Following protagonist Kate, we are dropped into the mind of a high school student and future doctor who has science on the mind. She works as an athletic trainer with the school’s atrocious football team, and its coach may or may not have been giving the players something to turn them from blah into BRAIIIIINSSSSS.Okay, fine, he was. That’s pretty obvious.Kate deals with boys, her family, and her health all while facing the threat of a zombie apocalypse. The results range from scary to comical at times – mostly the latter for those of you who are squeamish. I learned an important lesson from this book – the crush of your dreams showing interest in you while the entire football team turns into zombies and begins to infect your town and school is very inopportune.This book mixes humor and horror extremely well. By no means does the plot really make any logical sense in my opinion, especially how nobody besides Kate apparently noticed that member of the football team had suddenly developed a taste for brains and lumbering around in a daze. Everyone was apparently unaware that kids were turning into zombies left and right until the very end of the book, which also came very fast. I liked that the book was short, but at the same time I wished that at times it would have been faster paced and included more action. The sudden revelation of the villain was also a letdown, mostly because I had no idea who that character was even though they played into the plot early on apparently. The villain was a letdown, but the rest of the book was awesome with only very minor exceptions.VERDICT: A fun little comedy/horror crossover with a letdown of a villain. For a few hours of fun, though, it’s a great read.