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If You Could Be Mine: A Novel - Sara Farizan IF YOU COULD BE MINE was a book I had to read from the moment I first heard about it. It’s a story about a teenage lesbian couple living in Tehran, Iran, a place where homosexuality is punishable by death. Sahar and Nasrin have loved each other for awhile, keeping their romance a secret, but when Nasrin is engaged by her parents to a wealthy doctor, Sahar realizes something – Iran won’t allow homosexuality, but they’ll pay for her to get a sex change, something she is willing to do to stay with her wealthy, upper class friend.It sounds amazing, right?But there was a big issue with this. While IF YOU COULD BE MINE is a story that is worth telling, covering an aspect of the teenage existence that needs much more coverage in young adult fiction, the writing and characters fell flat. Maybe in the hands of a more polished author, IF YOU COULD BE MINE could have gone down as one of the best books in young adult history, but as it stands, it’s a middling entry into the contemporary genre. Talk about disappointing.READ THE REST ON BOOK BRATS