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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren When will this stop? When will publishers and readers and the world realize that publishing fanfic is wrong? When will we realize that these stories are using the success of another writer to make more money without giving these authors any of what they've earned by creating these characters and creating the popularity that these fanfic stories are capitalizing on?I have no problem with fan fiction. What I do have a problem with, though, is capitalizing on another author's work and using it to make money for someone other than the author. This story gained fame under the Twilight label. It is now making beaucoups of money based on Stephenie Meyer's work and luck, but what does Stephenie Meyer get out of the deal? Nothing really.I will not be reading this story. I will not be reading any story that was originally written as a free fan fiction story only to be sold to publishers for hundreds of thousands of dollars, even with the names changed. Why? Because authors have poured their hearts and souls into creating these worlds that they will see nothing back from once things are said and done. World, it's time to move on and support books that are not capitalizing on another book's fame. Let's support new and original worlds, new and original characters, new and original things that don't have to rest on the laurels of TWILIGHT to be popular.More on this book here