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I've Got Your Number - As a long time fan of Sophie Kinsella (not so much her real persona, Madeleine Wickham, though – I don’t like the Madeleine Wickham books at all), I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER made me fearful. Not that I would be scared by the book itself, but that the book would disappoint me and ruin everything I love about Kinsella. CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC is my go-to book for when I’m depressed. Well, let’s just say that I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER, while not as impressive as CONFESSIONS, is a great addition to the Sophie Kinsella library. If you just forget that Sophie Kinsella is a pseudonym for Madeleine Wickham, author of the dreadful THE GATECRASHER, that is.I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER is the story of Poppy Wyatt, a young physical therapist living in London and engaged to the too-good-to-be-true Magnus Tavish, a genius from a family of geniuses. Poppy and Magnus barely know one another, but he’s proposed, wedding arrangements have been made, and in a few short days they’ll be walking down the aisle. By chance, though, Poppy acquires the phone of business consultant Sam Roxton’s PA (who chucked it in a garbage can after quitting) after her phone is stolen and her ring goes missing. Poppy decides to help Sam out while using the phone for her own purposes, and of course antics ensue. This is a romantic comedy, after all.While she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, Poppy was an adorable narrator full of problems, concerns, naïve thoughts, and a desire to help that is often misguided. Paired with the brash, workaholic Sam, and the relationship between these two is fun and electric. Magnus is a wonderful secondary character that really does come off as a strange love interest with some secrets that rock Poppy to her core. The plot itself was cute, fun, and unique. And seriously, sharing a phone with anyone? Sharing a phone with my mother when we’re out is like pulling teeth, especially when she goes through my email thinking that she can find directions that way. Sharing it with a complete stranger? Agh noooo!I did have a slight problem, but this is related mostly to my eGalley (from Netgalley) copy on Kindle. Footnotes are a major part of the story, tying in Poppy’s relationship with Magnus and putting in her own personal thoughts on situations. On my eGalley, though, the footnotes would appear on random pages at random places, making the experience confusing. I wish that Kindle would do a better job of incorporating footnotes, but I guess that asking anything of Kindle is a hard bargain.This is a longer book, but after you hit the 50% mark or so, the book flies by. It’s quick and fun and definitely Kinsella’s best book since CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC. Poppy was no Becky Bloomwood, but she was adorable and I was definitely rooting for her. And I loved Sam! He was such a great character in my opinion, but I am notoriously fond of strong business-minded types over action heroes. Magnus was equally smarmy and skeezy, creating the perfect atmosphere for the story. This book was plotted and paced well for the most part. It was charming, quirky, and adorable.VERDICT: A definite Kinsella success, I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER is cute and romantic while maintaining a wonderful comedic edge. If you’re into cute chick lit, this book is definitely for you.