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Dark Frost  - Jennifer Estep Seeing as how this is book three in the series and I do not know how to tell you about how awesome this book is without spoiling everything for you, I am going to do this review in mostly GIFs. And then I'll try and summarize the GIFs without spoiling anything. But seriously, if you haven't read book one, you should probably go and do that like...right now.Approved for the book on Netgalley:Starting the book:First 15%:Logan (most of the time):Logan (at the end):The twist reveal:The finale:Final impressions: So yes, as you can see from this scholarly review, I LOVED THIS BOOK.No, DARK FROST is not flawless. The big bad I saw coming from a mile away, I predicted the plot twists easily, and the villains talking like they were in a Disney cartoon. Also, does the admissions department at Mythos have some bad judgement skills or what? DARK FROST is where the stakes get raised and the reality's of Gwen's world become increasingly bad 10x. People we've known since book one die. Magic comes out in unexpected ways. We meet more champions and find out more about Loki. Logan remains an ass until the very end, at which point even I became a fan of him. Gwen's strength was impressive, especially as she learns more about her destiny and her powers, and about her mother's death.This series is my guilty pleasure and I loved every moment of this series. LOVED it.VERDICT: Although it isn't the best book ever, DARK FROST is a well-plotted, well-paced thrill ride and a perfect addition to this amazing series.