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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn “I often don't say things out loud, even when I should. I contain and compartmentalize to a disturbing degree: In my belly-basement are hundreds of bottles of rage, despair, fear, but you'd never guess from looking at me.” If you are not a subscriber to my reviews, you probably did not notice that December has been the Month of Gillian Flynn for me. I went on chronological order of her writing, starting with SHARP OBJECTS, moving to DARK PLACES, and finally ending with GONE GIRL, by far her bestseller. GONE GIRL has gone on to be one of the best-selling books of 2012, and once I’d caught up, I was eager to get my hands on this one. But let’s start with the little nitpicks…This book was not perfect. In fact, after the first part of the book totaling about 200 pages, I was not entirely hooked. I was interested, but more than that, there was something keeping me at an arm’s length. It seemed like the usual story of missing husband. Also, I was pretty sure that I had figured out the twist early on and spoiled the ending for myself. I kept waiting for the inevitable to happen.Turns out, I did spoil myself. But you know what? By the end, with the number of twists and turns packed into the last 50% or so, I wasn’t caring about having spoiled a tiny bit of it for myself. I was more concerned with the specifics. Ms. Flynn layers them on bit by bit, heavy details that build into thick repositories of evidence that make everything so unbelievable and so dramatic. Like the rest of Ms. Flynn’s books, GONE GIRL is not for the faint of heart. It is dramatic, extremely dark, very disturbed, and on many levels gory and inhumane. There is psychological torture, death, depravity, and deceit. But this is the story of a marriage that is damaged beyond repair, and the lengths people go to cover up lies. Our main narrator, Nick, is a husband who came home to Missouri after his life in New York crumbled. His wife Amy has gone missing, leaving behind a journal that paints Nick in a very bad light. Nick’s been having an affair with a college student, and as the evidence stacks up against him, the entire country turns against him. Did Nick murder Amy? GONE GIRL is the epitome of a book with an unreliable narrator. Nick’s lies begin to confuse the reader, and eventually, instead of empathizing, you’re asking yourself, “Did he actually do it?” The characters in this were remarkable and completely fleshed out. There was nothing cardboard or stock about these. From the Dunnes to their families to the lawyers and television personalities and neighbors, this book was full of life from the supporting case especially.As for the prose? While not on the level of literary greats, there is little to be missed about Flynn’s style of writing. The plot is expertly woven and intricate down to the every last detail involved. Ms. Flynn has set herself apart as one of the best thriller writers of the past several decades, and her career can only go up from here.I do have one nitpick about the movie casting (yes, this will hopefully become a film) possibilities. I know Reece Witherspoon is producing, and she’s favored to play Amy, but please – NO! VERDICT: One of the most depraved books I’ve ever read, and one of the most obsessively readable, GONE GIRL is full of lies, twists, and deceptions that make it truly thrilling. A must read.