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XXX-tra Credit - Colette Riley So I might have accidentally clicked download on this one (wandering around the freebie section is dangerous), but I decided to read it anyway. XXX-TRA CREDIT is a short story about Becky, a tennis player about to lose her scholarship, and her professor, the jerk who caused Becky to lose her scholarship (almost). One thing leads to another and we get to the fun part – Becky being coerced into a library closet by her extremely creepy professor.Okay, maybe I liked the fun part in this one. I’m not usually one for erotica, but this one was actually written decently compared to the free erotica I’ve sampled on Amazon before. Yes, the premise was creepy, and yes, it was predictable, but it was enjoyable. If you are a fan of sleaze and spanking, I think you would really enjoy this one. There is a variety of action in this from groping to straight sex in a closet with lots of moaning and crying out involved – and more. It’s short and only takes a few minutes to read, so if you like your erotica to the point, this one is for you.VERDICT: Although extremely sleazy, XXX-TRA CREDIT is an okay erotic short story. Short, to the point, and decently written with some good action.