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Erotique (Naughty Nooners) - Nicole Austin After I first bought my Kindle, I went on a downloading spree of every free book I could find. This included short stories and included Erotique, which I remember months later. This is not because it was good, but because I remember being so frustrated with it. The plot sounded intriguing, but it felt like it was way too short and ended in the middle of the climax of the novel. I expected more and instead just got the "about the author" section when I turned the page. It only took a few minutes to read, but the fact it left me hanging was not very appreciated. On top of that, I didn't even see much good about this. The dialogue was weird and the whole scenario seemed...squicky. Not because of the voyeurism part, but because the characters seemed really creepy, especially the husband.Two stars, and that's pushing it to be honest.