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Sirenz Back in Fashion - 'Charlotte Bennardo',  'Natalie Zaman' I had eyed SIRENZ BACK IN FASHION for awhile before it eventually crossed my desk. I’d acquired SIRENZ awhile back but never read it, but thanks to the lovely authors (who, by the way, are both truly awesome), I decided to pick this one up and give it a shot. And honestly, I don’t know why I was a bit scared of this. Well, maybe it was the cover, but no, not a good excuse. Although I must make a suggestion based on my own experience – while not really necessary, reading SIRENZ before its sequel would probably help you understand a lot more of this one. Just an idea.SIRENZ BACK IN FASHION follows Shar and Meg as they are unwittingly pulled back into the service of Hades by putting on a certain magical Tiffany’s ring. Shar is sent to Tartarus while Meg remains on Earth to track down a girl by the name of Paulina. Meanwhile, both are dealing with boy issues, leading to some rather interesting situations.Let me start with my favorite scene – the Window Girl escapades. Meg and Shar can communicate though a Victoria’s Secret window occasionally, but talking to a window in public (and nobody else knowing what you’re talking to) leads to some awkwardness. Oh! And Cerberus becoming a cute, adorable pet made me laugh to no end. This story brings the humor. Oh Hades, it is a story that will make you laugh…and laugh some more…and a little more…and prepare to snort milk out your nose.One thing these authors excel at is dialogue. The witty banter was the highlight for me, although I would have liked to see how these relationships had developed in book one. I enjoyed Meg and Shar, but I didn’t quite get them as a pair, even though me and one of my closest friends – brought together by a shared apartment – are complete opposites like these two. Oh, and my name is Meg(an). Sadly, she is not a Shar. If she was, I’d send her this book this instant.The story is a quick read and deliciously fluffy. Oh, and can I just admit that I loved Jeremy? More so than Caz, although Caz was delicious in his own right. Delicious. I clearly love that word today, but it fits this story so well.One thing I did have a slight issue with was the inevitable twist, and the relationship between Meg and Paulina – her target and inevitable roommate. While I didn’t see it coming, something about it, combined with the explanation, felt a little empty. Zeus, as well, just seemed kind of blah. I wanted more action, more suspense, but I came away a little sad and empty afterwards. I enjoyed the build up (minus the forced bikinis for poor Shar) and the course of the story, but the ending just was a bit flat. However, I am interested (very interested) in knowing where this story goes next.VERDICT: A delectable, humorous story with intrigue and fun, SIRENZ BACK IN FASHION is almost a Tiffany’s ring. With a little more climax as you see the finished product on your finger, it would have been a 100% knockout, but it’s miles better than cubic zircon, that’s for sure!