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How To Get Over Your Ex - Nikki Logan How does one get over an ex? By crying themselves to sleep? By stuffing their faces with chocolate? HOW TO GET OVER YOUR EX is one of the first titles from Harlequin’s new KISS line of cute contemporary romances. Think Sophie Kinsella, Marian Keyes, Jane Green, except shorter and quicker (but maybe not quite as swoony). The moment I heard about this new line, I knew that I was going to have to bite the bullet and try one. I am always hesitant to admit it, but contemporary cutesy romance remains one of my favorite genres. HOW TO GET OVER YOUR EX reminds me so fondly of some of my favorites.After a Londoner finds herself scorned on radio after her proposal to her boyfriend ends in a big fat no, she settles for another plan – a year of reinvention, expenses paid for by the radio station. Dancing lessons, cooking classes, an adventure abroad, considering your past choices and beliefs… Yeah, one of those kind of years. But of course, this being a romantic comedy, she finds herself falling hard for the producer of the radio show where she ruined her life, despite her belief that a man as perfect as him would never fall for a girl like her – or that their relationship would be anything besides a big fat mistake.Now, I have personally never proposed to a man on live radio only to be rejected and find myself the source for many a joke in London. But I think that I would react in much the same way as our heroine Georgia. Even if she was a bit…weird I guess is the word when it came to deciding to spring the question on her boyfriend, who had made it clear that he wasn’t interested in that kind of thing with her. Even after she was supposed to have moved on, what does she do? She goes right back to see him one last time, and this was the point where I was like, “Girl, are you serious?”She was supposed to be getting over her ex, but she walked back. I think that this is a downside of what I’ve seen with the Harlequin KISS line – the titles and covers are all generic. Neither the title nor cover fit this book. THE YEAR OF GEORGIA would have been much more apt in my opinion. But that was one of the few negatives I had with this one (also, the predictability, but this is contemporary romance). I loved Zander, our love interest, and his struggle to come to terms with how he feels about this awkward girl who has fallen into his life. And the progression of their friendship and eventual romance was heartwarming and cute (if a bit formulaic). This story was charming, quick, and adorable, giving me about an hour and a half of delicious reading before I swooned and turned off my Kindle. With this being my first sample into the KISS line, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. But this story did need a few tweaks. It was short, but for a story taking place over the course of a year, I didn’t see much in the way of depth or development. Likewise, I wish this had had a less generic title and cover – something that meant more to the story instead of having continuity with the line. I almost overlooked this one with its rather bland title.If you are in the market for a cute romance set in London, or if you’re looking for a follow up to a Sophie Kinsella book, then give Nikki Logan a try. I can’t wait to try more from her and from the KISS line!VERDICT: Although it suffers from the problem of being formulaic and short, HOW TO GET OVER YOUR EX is cute, charming, and deliciously romantic.