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Hunter's Choice  - Shiloh Walker I started off at a disadvantage with this. I've never read anything by Shiloh Walker or even heard of the Hunters World series (that's what it's called, right?). I just wanted something short and entertaining and above all FREE. What I found was a somewhat cliché, typical vampire romance short story that brings little (if anything) new to the table. We meet our heroine while she is stalking a vampire ready to go in for the kill when she is stopped by a very handsome man she once had a week of passion with after the death of her brother and sister-in-law. Turns out he’s a bloodsucker, too. Here is where we get into the cliché area. She’s petrified of vampires and clearly scared of this guy, yet his sex appeal is so alluring and magical that she cannot resist him. Wyatt (that’s the name of this vampire hunk) steals her weapons and stops her moment of vengeance and he’s very interested in resuming their week of passion where they left off long ago. She gets attacked, he fights for her honor. He nurses her back to health, and then…Well, you can guess. More stuff happens after that. I give the story a 2.5/5 but round it to two. The entire story seemed forced and empty, and I got no sense of the characters or their motivations since they were easily broken (or based on sex, which was somewhat dull). Sara especially seemed like she was easily broken from her mission of retribution. Also, the formatting on this ebook was very off-putting, and sections of bad grammar and word choice didn’t help. It’s a typical vampire romance story in every way except in short form, simply put.