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Unremembered - UNREMEMBERED is a good title, but not for the correct reasons. UNREMEMBERED is a book that will go down as being ultimately forgettable in the vast sea of light science fiction coming out in 2013. The synopsis promises an action-packed story complete with amnesia, romance, and government conspiracies. Being a sucker for science fiction, I knew that I needed this book in my life, but then I read it and I realized something quickly.UNREMEMBERED just isn’t that remarkable. At all.SUPERGIRL AMNESIA TROPES GALOREI’m sure you have read a book where you remark at the end, “That was a waste.” A waste of time, a waste of potential – whatever you want. When I embarked on the journey of reading UNREMEMBERED, I went in with low expectations after accidentally reading a few reviews that tainted my thoughts. But those reviews were right in the end. This book wasted so much promise in return for having a sappy, pointless romance that you could see coming from a mile away.This book loads on the tropes. Our heroine is an amnesiac who is found in the middle of the ocean in the wreckage of a plane with no survivors. She has no name, no identification, etc – only an age and her exceptional beauty. She’s fostered away to a family out of the limelight in California, being perfectly healthy despite her apparent fall from the sky, but a boy keeps stalking her claiming to be the link to her identity, to be her one true love, so on and so forth. She’s a supergirl amnesiac beauty kickass heroine with little to no personality besides, “I don’t believe you go away okay I guess I’ll trust you wow I love you strange boy.”GREAT PLOT, NOT SO GREAT EXECUTIONOur heroine, Violet/Seraphina (two names, be prepared), is not the only problem with the story. The plot is full of conveniences where the story adds up way too easily. There are twists that are contrived in just about every chapter, and these twists at the end are wrapped up so neatly that there really is little conflict despite on paper there being a very nasty villain with very nasty consequences involved. It’s obvious early on what’s going to happen, and in the great world of YA light science fiction, happiness (at least happiness in a passionless, unremarkable romance) is assured from the moment the love interest walks on stage looking like an emotionless hunk present for the sole purpose of wooing.The main problem with UNREMEMBERED is the execution. Although Brody writes an easy, light science fiction read that will appeal to fans of ORIGIN and THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX, it’s increasingly apparent as the story goes on that it will never rise past the level of being yet another entry into the increasingly stale genre of Genetic Engineering Superhero YA. At one point, I told a friend, “This reads like the author just wished to cash in on sci-fi while it was big.”UNREMEMBERABLEAt the end of the day, UNREMEMBERED suffers from not standing on its own. It’s convenient, it’s tried, and it’s not unique or different. It’s just another entry on the massive shelf of similar books. I had high hopes that were just crushed by what I read, and I highly doubt I will be continuing with this trilogy.VERDICT: Skip it. You’ve probably read a similar book before and liked it more than you’ll like this one.