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Working for the Devil - Lilith Saintcrow Let me start by saying I'm actually giving this book a 3.5/5, but since it won't do half, I'll just round it down. Working for the Devil is an intriguing book and you can't deny that the author has an interesting premise on her hands. The problem I had with it was because the author went too in depth into the lore of the land, so you might say. There was so much information that everything became muddled and mixed up. I constantly found myself turning back the pages trying to catch something again that I found myself unable to understand, and the influx of new information constantly overloaded my senses after awhile. There was too much in my opinion to keep up with, and certain characters (although there were not that many) started blending together and getting lost in the mayhem of the book.But as I said before, Saintcrow has an interesting concept on her hands, and I will definitely give her props for that. She's crafted an interesting and well plotted world along with characters that are interesting (however, many could use some increased characterization - a few seemed like dolls, and I never understood Japhrimel's real motivation besides "freedom!" but if there was back story why he wanted it I don't know). Dante was well written, but she could stand to have some more information and explanation in the further books. I hope they will get to this.It was fast paced and exciting, which overcame a lot of the muddled and confusing aspects of the book. I will read the next in the series even though I have heard bad things about it from my friends. I want to know what happens next I must say.