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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1) - CINDER is another hyped book that I was wary about, especially since I am a big science fiction nerd. I mean, Book Brats is about science fiction and kick butt girls and swoony stuff. And I was just so afraid that I was going to be let down. And like with UNDER THE NEVER SKY, I was surprised that I actually really enjoyed what I read. Although it wasn’t perfect, it was a fun, engaging book that has made the New York Times Bestseller List for a reason. And hopefully it will bring a lot more young girls into the science fiction nerd realm so I’m not all alone.The story is about a girl named Cinder, a mechanic living in New Beijing with her stepmother and stepsisters who harbors a secret – she’s a cyborg. Adopted when she was eleven by a man who died soon after, she became a servant to her stepmother, forced to bring in money for a family that mostly hates her (with one exception). Okay, let’s face it, if you’ve seen/read Cinderella, you know the story. If you’ve seen EVER AFTER, then you’re even better off in my opinion! Da Vinci! So yeah, the story is a little predictable because of the sheer fact it’s a retelling of CINDERELLA. In addition, the foreshadowing at times is seriously heavy handed. That was probably the main fault for me – at times the glowing neon sign above a clue’s head was flashing FORESHADOWING and Cinder carried on clueless while I, the reader, was smacking my head laughing. But don’t worry, the story more than makes up for this.Cinder is a girl who doesn’t need anyone besides herself. She has gone through so much in her life, the pain and anguish of living under a stifling roof, being an outcast, losing things she has loved so dearly, and being unable to have what she desires the most, but does she let that stop her? Never! I was in a book store a few weeks back where I found a girl browsing books and I found myself trying to strike up a conversation about role models in young adult books. The book she had in her hand was not one I would want my daughter reading, let’s just say that. Her mother overheard us and the girl ended up taking home a book with a girl that doesn’t need a man to complete her, with both her and her mother happy. Why is this relevant, you ask?Because CINDER is a book that I would now suggest to that girl. It has a strong female character mixed with a strong plot and effective storytelling from debut author Meyer. From Cinder to her sister Peony to android Iko to the evil Queen Levana, the vast majority of the characters are well developed and fascinating. Although it does suffer from predictability, it is still a book that evokes emotions from the reader and takes them on a thrilling ride through New Beijing and the Eastern Commonwealth. And with three books coming up continuing the story, you know this series is going to be one that gets better.VERDICT: A fabulous series in the making, CINDER is deserving of the praise being heaped on it. Even with a few minor foreshadowing issues, this is a must read book.