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Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1) - Cassandra Clare By all accounts, the Infernal Devices drastically undersold predictions. It was a MILLION copy first printing and sold roughly 90K in 2 weeks with sales since then tanking. Yet The Dark Artifices series sold to S&S for high SEVEN figures. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Cassandra Clare is taking home almost $10 million for the publication rights to a THIRD series in this universe. Fourth if you count the fact that three books were added on to the first series. I have nothing against someone wanting to make some money, but this has reached the point where I must inquire - does Clare have any other ideas? Is writing the same series FIVE times over (yes, she has five series so far either pubbed or planned) really her only clue? How long will her publishers deal with flopping sales until they cut her loose?So far, predictions for the Mortal Instruments movie are not looking terribly great, with all the fact that YA paranormal is tanking, The Mortal Instruments not having as big of a following as even The Host (I know, I know, different audience), and with August being the month where movies go to die.And yet with two series down the drain, there are three more planned, plus a short story series, plus an encyclopedia, and not to mention the narcissistic essay collection.I am ready for the fangirls to come after me, or for anyone who might take offense to my words of annoyance. But let's be honest. Even fans are not liking this cash cow maneuver. Fans want something new, not the same plot done over and over again. The cash cow is skin and bones now, dying in a drought-ridden field while the author is sitting counting her millions. It's time to move past the same formula. It's time to move past arguing with fans who are genuinely disappointed and want to speak out about it. It's time to move past being the queen bee and forward to stepping out of the box and giving us something new and unique, not something that makes me think, "Ginny Weasley, how could you?!"I doubt I will ever read anything written by Cassandra Clare, but maybe - MAYBE - I would take a chance if she could show me something new, unique, and exciting, but so far it doesn't seem like I'll ever get that. Until then, I'll take my money and my recommendations elsewhere.