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Room: A Novel - For a book that takes place mostly in the confines of a small room and narrated by a small child, this book is actually much better than I would have anticipated. Like many others that I have spoken to after reading this book, I was anticipating something juvenile, boring, and incomprehensible but instead I received a startling look at the lives of a child and those around him, including his mother that has suffered so much in her life at the hands of her kidnapper and rapist.I had never actually heard about Emma Donoghue before picking up this book on my Kindle as one of my first Kindle reads, but reading her take on the life of a small child who has grown up and spent his entire life in one small room unknowing of the world outside was dramatic and even unnerving at times. Stuck inside this room, it has become his entire world, and over the course of the novel we see his evolution as he learns about the world outside and has to grow up and take charge at much too young an age.Yes, the writing did wear thin after awhile as we reached the end, but it was still a new and different approach to reading for me, especially since I am a vocal hater of first person literature. I was engaged throughout and couldn't put the book down until I had finished. With some attention issues, that's almost impossible for me. I enjoyed this book for the most part but won't give it five stars because I did find the prose to be unlikable by page 300 and the plot to be wandering off by the end, as well. Still, I would recommend Room to anyone in need of adventure and edge-of-your-seat thrills in a different package.