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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout For the past few months, I can’t go more than a few minutes on Twitter without hearing about Jennifer Armentrout’s work – the Lux series, in particular. Even some reviewers I love and trust have fawned over OBSIDIAN, book one in the series, so when the darling Dani at Refracted Light Reviews lent the Kindle edition to me (by the way, Kindle loans are AMAZING and I wish more pubs would do it), I decided to dig in and see what all the hullabaloo was about. And I am sad to say I am one of the few people who ended up sadly disappointed by what I read.Firstly, I am going to start off a big lighthearted. This one is for all the Farscape fans out there.The entire time I read the word Luxen, I immediately thought of Farscape, except there were no qualta blades or anything. Even though Daemon often did act like a Luxan. Now I want to go watch Farscape for the millionth time straight through, and if you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for? Yes, it was canceled almost 10 years ago, but it’s still worth a watch. Trust me, I obviously love this show, and I like to think I have good taste in TV! Maybe not books, but you can’t cover all the bases.Anyway, back to the review! OBSIDIAN is the first in a series about a girl named Katy, a book blogger whose mother has packed her up and moved her to West Virginia. She immediately meets her next door neighbors, twins Dee and Daemon. She takes to Dee like peas in a pod, but Daemon is a whole different story. He’s rude, he’s crass, and he seems to just love to pick on Katy and remind her of how much he dislikes her. Turns out Daemon and Dee (and several other members of the community) are aliens called Luxens, from a planet called Lux on the complete opposite side of the universe about 24 billion light years away. They’ve come to Earth to escape the Arum, their mortal enemies who want to steal their powers and destroy them all.I enjoyed this story, but my enjoyment stopped short of really liking it, much less loving it. I had a number of problems with the story, from plot holes with the Luxens’ powers (particularly how they managed to travel 24 billion light years, implying teleportation, and how that is never mentioned again – even at slightly faster than light speeds as they maintain, it would still take a real long time to get to Earth) to the fact the story felt so derivative – a mixture of ROSWELL the TV show and TWILIGHT. There was little originality here except for the fun quirk of the main character being a book blogger. That was adorable and I loved that.In addition, I didn’t find Daemon sexy. I know, I’m running away from the masses who found him sexy, but I can’t tolerate a bad boy who spends just as much time degrading the girl as he does kissing her and taking care of her. He says he hates her, doesn’t want to see her, wants her to go away – and yet she’s head over heels for this boy, mostly because he’s really really ridiculously good looking in my opinion. If I was Katy, I’d have kicked him in the balls about page 10 and called the cops against him about page 20, but that wouldn’t make for a good story, would it?But there was stuff to like. The story flowed well and there was indeed tension in the story – romantic and action alike. It was short, it was filled with plenty of action and tense moments where even I was on the edge of my seat wondering what happened next, but I just couldn’t come to look past the fact that Daemon was a douche bag, excuse my language.VERDICT: With a derivative plot and rude love interest, OBSIDIAN is an okay romantic story – but nothing to write home over. Also, Farscape forever!